Rotational Molding or Roto Molding as it is called in the industry , is a very versatile manufacturing process using plastic resin as the main source of construction material. Generally speaking Roto Molding lends itself best to hollow parts or products that can be manufactured as one piece, which adds strength to the end product.

There is an almost endless list of things that are Roto Molded  in today’s marketplace,and a lot more products that can be converted to plastic saving time , cost and weight. The process of Rotational Molding is a fairly straight forward process,plastic powdered resin is placed in one half of the mold which is then sealed.

The mold is then placed in an oven or heated with an open flame , as the mold heats up the resin begins to melt forming a pool at the bottom of the mold , at this point as the mold is rotated  the the resin starts to adhere to all sides of the mold as it passes under the resin pool.

Once all the resin has adhered to the sides of the mold and the desired wall thickness has been achieved , the mold is removed from the oven and allowed to cool.

Once the cooling process is over the part can be extracted and allowed to cool even more and then additional processing of the product can be started if needed .


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