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Wanted Custom RotoMolding Partners !

Quadel Industries is looking to partner with your company to provide you with  Custom Rotomolding solutions from product development , mold design, processing of parts to shipping to your facility or end user. We want to build a relationship with your company and help you to achieve your goals , your success is our our success and we  will strive to exceed your expectations !

Custom RotoMolding Solutions !

Custom RotoMolding Solutions by Quadel Industries is one our top priorities
and we have over 25 years experience in the Industry. There are very few
Custom Roto Molders out there with our level of expertise and we have a long
list of satisfied customers to be proud of. So when you are thinking about
your new product or project please give us a call t 1-800-buy-poly !

Custom RotoMolding Consultation

Quadel would like to encourage you to give us a call so that we can go over over your plans on your next project. We have found it very important to get the molder involved in the process as early as possibly , preferably when you are still in the drawings process. This way we can look at your drawings if you already have them and bring our knowledge of Rotational Molding  into the mix. There are aspects of the Rotational Molding process that if addressed during the development phase will ensure that your final product is not only aesthetically pleasing and  fictional, but also has good structural integrity. Please give us a call today and take advantage of our Free Consultation services now !  Call 1-800-Buy-Poly

Custom RotoMolding Services by Quadel Industries !

Quadel Industries is one the longest standing Custom Roto Molders in the Industry today with a history going back over two decades. We have helped our valued customers get their products to market faster than most of our competition and with a focus on quality control. Its one thing to get your product to market quickly , but you also want to make sure your product will last and satisfies your end users and enhances your companies reputation as well .