Custom Roto Molding

Quadel Industries offers full Service Custom Roto Molding solutions to businesses that are looking for Quality Manufacturing. If you have a new product in mind and are looking for ways to get your product up , but want to keep your costs down , then

Rotational molding may be the solution for you. Rotational Molding has many advantages over other types of plastics manufacturing, such as injection molding because of lower cost and faster mold fabrication.

We work with many large and small business’s providing Custom RotoMolding and we pride ourselves on providing excellent
customer service.

Let us help you with the design of your new product from start to finish to ensure that you get the maximum quality product at
the best price and in a timely manner!

For a free Consultation on your next project or new product , please call us at : 1-800-Buy-Poly or email us at  and we will work hard to provide you the best possible service and prices on your next Custom Roto Molding

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